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Regulations in the Food and Restaurant Industry


Having a successful business, especially in the Food Industry, means ensuring that you have all the correct permits or licenses. Follow all the requirements needed for your industry, whether you are a restaurant, hotel, catering company, small vending company or a food processing plant. When dealing with food it is important to obtain the correct health and safety permits and to always have high standards when it comes to the health of your customers.

Why does a business need a health and safety license?

Drought Dangers: Beware of Harmful Pests

As if the idea of queuing for water isn’t terrifying enough, the drought brings with it a multitude of other problems. Pests. During extreme weather conditions pests seek shelter and start looking for moisture anywhere they can; this is usually inside your home or business. This is not only true of insects, but also with pests like rats who also seek a water supply they can’t find outside. Not only do pests seek moisture, but in drought and very hot weather they also seek refuge from the heat.


Food Industry Alert: Rats are a Dangerous Health Risk

Rats! Not something you would like to find in your home or business. The only place, a rat is really cute, is in a Disney movie where they not only talk but can cook for you as well. But a rat problem is no laughing matter, rats can cause a variety of dangerous health risks.

Rats or rodents are very social animals and tend to be highly reproductive and can increase rapidly in numbers, especially if the environment is favourable. They adapt easily and can become a serious problem in a short time. Due to the rats coming into contact with our food supplies and contaminating our home and work areas, we can be exposed to some serious diseases.


Could household pests be the reason behind allergies and asthma?

Household pests could be the problem


Many people would associate allergies and asthma symptoms with the outdoors and springtime, but these symptoms can also be caused by pests that have found their way into your home.


Household pests definitely contribute to problems with allergies and asthma and not only in springtime but all year long. Next time you are wondering why you feel like you are suffering hay fever in the middle of winter, you might want to look inside your house for the reason.

Boland Pest Control – Driving Recycling in the Paarl Community


Since October 2015, with the help of Valley of Abundance, Boland Pest Control has been driving a recycling initiative in Paarl and Mbkweni, focusing on the key involvement of the children in the community.


“Children are our future, and so it made sense to teach them about recycling, so that they can carry the knowledge and habit of being conscious about the environment for generations to come,” says Martmarie  Boonzaaier, General
Manager of Boland Pest Control.


The first step was getting the parents involved, and then working with small groups of children, teaching them how to safely collect recyclable items.