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Drought Dangers: Beware of Harmful Pests

Pests will usually find any nook or cranny to get inside your home, where they will find a dark and cool place to settle. To prevent this problem, it is important to check your house or business for any cracks and openings to seal them up immediately. There only has to be one or two who get into your house, but those one or two can quickly turn into a full out infestation. If you are not sure how to go about checking your premises, it is a good idea to get a pest control specialist in to do the job. They will know how to inspect the premises and if there is a problem, eliminate it. They will also be able to advise you on methods to prevent it from happening again.


You can also expect some insects to breed more rapidly in the warmer weather. Insects such as ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches and fleas are a good example. It only starts with a few of these pests but will in no time become a major problem. Pests also want to gain access into homes due to the fact that people use less sprinklers and hoses outside, they must then seek the moisture inside.


Due to the water shortage and lesser water in the sewers rodents and American cockroaches, also invade buildings for water and food supplies. 


A big problem in some homes is having the garbage bin close to the house as well as wood piles and garden debris; make sure you keep this clean and away from the borders of the house to prevent pests from getting in. Inside the house you must make sure that you fix things like leaky taps and pipes and clean behind the fridge and other places pests like to inhabit.

Pests in times of drought

Some insects that seek refuge from the drought can also be a danger to people.


  • Insects like spiders also seek out areas in the home. Some of these spiders can be poisonous and dangerous, especially to the curious baby or toddler.
  • Cockroaches and rats can easily bring diseases into the home.
  • The larger pests like rodents can also cause damage to wires and fixtures in the home by gnawing on them. Rats are carriers of rat fleas, but their bite or scratches can also cause infection.
  • Fleas can carry many types of bacterial and viral diseases. There itchy irritating bumps on the skin are bad enough. Some can even carry tapeworms.
  • During drought periods certain crops can also be destroyed by insects looking for food.
  • Another danger is snakes, they may not be a general pest we are used to, but some can pose a danger to everybody. The snakes follow their food source, rodents. These rodents come to your home looking for water and the snake follows.
  • Ants are a big problem; they will invade your house seeking moisture and food. Most times it will be the harmless black sugar ants that are just a major nuisance. Other times you might encounter the red ants. These ants are aggressive and will bite. Kids are particularly vulnerable to them. You also get the white ant or in the case in Western Cape the Northern Harvester termite that can cause damage, particularly to building structures thy build their nests in cavity walls and under foundation walls and floors.
  • Let’s not forget about flies, they multiply abundantly in hot weather. You only need one or two to get into your garbage and there you have a whole lot of maggots and new flies. Flies can be dangerous in that they can transfer harmful bacteria to humans.


If you are experiencing an influx of pests at your home or place of work, please give us a call. We service all areas in the Western Cape. Tel: 021 - 8724583.