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Boland Pest Control – Driving Recycling in the Paarl Community

The NPO, MOSAIC, provided a premises for the collection of the recyclables as well as CAPE WASTE who collect the items every second Friday.


How it works


The children bring in what they have collected and have it weighed. A child gets the equivalent of one point for every rand of value the waste is worth. Children then spend their points in our swop shop, and in that way acquire goods they need such as school stationery or hygiene products, things we often take for granted. We believe in this way, it’s a win – win situation: a win for the environment while making a difference in the lives of the poverty stricken families in the area.


The project relies heavily on volunteers and one of the community groups which assists with interacting with the kids is Ma’s vir Wellington. They do an outstanding job of keeping the kids motivated and do a great deal to uplift them spiritually and emotionally.


The kids learn to wait patiently to have their turn in the swop shop, and volunteers help the children make the best value for points choices. We also provide the children with a healthy snack, with the help of Second Harvest.


“Every so often, we take time out from saving the world from pests and have some fun with the kids, which is always a fulfilling way to spend our time.”


According to Andre Nieuwoudt, CEO of Boland Pest Control, “Our aim is to teach the youth about looking after the environment is everyone’s responsibility and that when you do something of value, you will get rewarded for it – we don’t believe that giving a handout addresses poverty in the long run.”




Want to join our group of volunteers, or want to involve your organisation in our initiative? Contact us.


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