Boland Pest Control

The Preferred

Boland Pest Control

Quality Driven

  • Our integrated training programme ensures that all our staff are fully trained to provide our clients with a service experience that exceeds expectations.


  • Our ongoing research and development guarantees that we use the most up-to-date materials and techniques to overcome any pest resistance problem on your premises.



  • We are committed to the continuous international research and development of environmentally friendly insecticides and rodenticides.


  • We are committed to safety. The health and safety of our clients, the public at large and our own staff is a top priority, that's why we use only the safest chemicals and methods in our service delivery.


  • We strive to promote previously disadvantaged individuals based on merit. We are proud of the change and upliftment we've brought to individual lives through our transformation policy of the past 15 years. 


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