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Knowledge is power 

Many pests are difficult to get rid of, because they can increase their resistance to any methods that might want to eliminate them. Even if you exterminate most of a pest population eventually some of the surviving population could acquire a tolerance and adapt to the chemicals being used. This could lead to a full blown infestation in future. 

People who offer pest control services have to know the habits, behaviours and many other details of what they are doing. There is real expertise and knowledge needed, they have to come up with new, safe and more effective ways to rid you of your pest problem.

 Follow health and safety regulations

Calling the right company that is registered and qualified is important to reach a positive and safe outcome, for you and the environment. The chemicals used in this industry are extremely dangerous and need an expert to handle it. A company should provide strict health and safety standards and comply with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Working with poison

It is always best to leave things to the professionals as using poisons or pesticides can be very dangerous. Just because you can purchase some poison sprays and baits from the local store doesn't mean that it will be effective or safe. Following strict rules and guidelines when using poison as a treatment method, needs to be approached with caution and knowledge. This is especially true if kids and animals are in the immediate environment.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Call a Pest Control Expert

  1. The professional understands what pest they are dealing with, so that the treatment can be most effective. They can develop specific and specialised plans to deal with a pest and/or infestation.
  2. One should also know and understand the type of pesticide that is to be used and how to apply it properly so that you will have better and longer lasting results.
  3. By applying too much pesticide or poison you might think that this will be more effective, but in truth might not work out since the pest could develop a resistance to it.
  4. Pest control companies might also have more environmentally friendly methods that they could use.
  5. Dealing with dangerous insects like wasps or bees, it is also important to get in a pest control expert. They will know the safest way to remove them and will understand the hazards and risks involved.

Calling in Boland Pest Control’s professional service will save you time and money as we have the knowledge to deal with those pesky invaders once and for all.

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 We are more than just exterminators, we are experts.