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The Die Hard Pests: Cockroaches

6 Methods of getting rid of cockroaches


  1.   Foggers. This is similar to aerosol cans that release a mist into the air, and are able to infiltrate the tiny crevices where they hide. This method can be very effective in highly infested areas, provided there are no openings for the mist to escape.


  1.   Gel. How it works: The gel is applied to specific areas where cockroaches are known to collect food and where they feed. They carry it into their areas of harbourage and feed the baby insects the poisonous gel by means of vomiting.


  1.    Cockroach dust. This is a poisonous powder which is applied in a similar way as the gel (mentioned above) and therefore is also very effective.


  1.   Cockroach traps. The traps are laid down to mostly to monitor the activity of cockroaches with every service. This indicates if the infestation is increasing or decreasing.


  1. Surface spray application. It is a wet application of poison. We use a method of spraying which is calibrated to have the correct pressure in the correct stainless steel pump.  It is applied at all high risk areas where nesting can occur or areas where the cockroach can cross. This treatment is very effective, provided that the application is allowed to dry and crystalize without being wiped off for at least 3 days.


  1. Continuous treatments. To eradicate a cockroach problem, it is always advised to treat areas of concern within the life cycle of the cockroach - which is from nymph to adult. This is a 6 week cycle especially in areas where there is high human activity moving in and out and areas of food preparation as well as storage areas.


Most of the commercial pesticides available at your local supermarket are not very effective and so it’s a losing battle.


Did you know that there are no registered pesticides that will actually penetrate the egg of any pest/cockroach?


It is absolutely necessary to make use of a professional service, such as Boland Pest Control, who make use of registered pesticides and registered Pest Control Operators to deal with this problem effectively. Only by employing the services of an experienced exterminator, such as ourselves, will the result be a successful eradication.


Fast facts about cockroaches


  • There are 4.600 species of cockroach and only 30 of these are connected with human interaction, with the American and German Cockroach being to most treated by Pest Control Operators.
  • The cockroach usually finds its way into your home/premises by walking in or being carried in. They thrive in your home as it is warm and there is plenty of food and water.
  • Cockroaches can be active all year round and reproduce very quickly, this makes them difficult to eradicate.
  • Cockroaches are nocturnal and you might only notice their presence when it is too late and they have already become a major problem.
  • Many species of cockroach have also become resistant to insecticides, which makes it more difficult to deal with them.
  • They prefer the dark and warm places in your home to breed. Cockroaches can make their bodies flat so they can fit into very small places; like under the carpet or behind wallpaper, even in things like your refrigerator motor area.
  • They can survive without food for extended periods of time.
  • Cockroaches are very fast and elusive.


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