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The Die Hard Pests: Cockroaches

Dealing with even a single cockroach will make you question why cockroaches even exist in the first place. They are ugly, fast, carry disease are and very hard to kill. In a perfect world, a cockroach would be an efficient insect to assist with the recycling rotten living organisms. However, when the cockroach leaves its designated environment and makes its nest in your home or place of business, they are dangerous disease carriers and need to be eradicated.

Cockroaches have the ability to reproduce rapidly and are very good in keeping themselves hidden from view in cupboards and behind walls. These pests can cast off their old skins and leave their droppings which look like little drops of black pepper wherever they go. These sheddings can aggravate allergies, especially in children.


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Biology. Life cycles. Resistance. Ecosystems. Poisons. Predictions. These are just some of the areas of expertise your exterminator has to draw from when diagnosing your pest problem.

Pest control is no simple matter and there are no one size fits all solutions. Pest control looks at the management of animals, plants, insects or other organisms that cause issues that affects health, the ecology and on a larger scale, even the economy.

 Did you know that human beings are also responsible for directly causing the increase in certain pests, specifically where food and waste is exposed?

In some cases taking an action, like changing or removing exposed waste, can drastically improve the situation. Not all problems are solved that easily, so what do exterminators, like ourselves, have to know and do, to get rid of a serious pest problem?

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